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what a sexy first post

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My name is Mills Baker; I work professionally on content mills and in the evenings I get baked. I don’t believe we’ve met, but I’m honored to have inspired you to consider reading some poetry for once in your life instead of the usual technical manuals and trade journals.

My Substack is called Sucks to Suck, although I certainly wouldn’t know.


(This was great, of course!!! The year is off to an outstanding start!).

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Having a great time on Substack. It's squeegeeing my third eye and igniting the creative spark I've been lacking for several months. Have a wonderful new year! https://ofsoundandfury.substack.com/

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Really nice to read your first post and looking forward to receiving your newsletter. My substack is oiru.substack.com where I share personal reflections on planning for retirement. Happy New Year

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Aw hello Sophia....Thank you for your lovely poetry choices....My name is Lou & I write https://livingandlaughingwithlou.substack.com ....I started it in June and I absolutely LOVE Substack.....it's been my favourite find in 2022 and I'm so excited to continue the fun into 2023....I've just published my first book and I think you will enjoy this story :) I noticed you mentioned the island of Ikaria in your photo here and it being famous for being the island of longevity. Would you believe my book is called 'Granny Nancy - Ireland's Oldest Lady Who Lived, Loved and Laughed for 107 Years'. I lived with my Gran for the last three years of her life, she passed away in September 2021 just one month short of her 108th birthday ( I miss her terribly but I was so lucky to love her for so long). This is a clip of her: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=494110894697042. We set up a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/livingnandlaughingwithlou if you want a giggle or two...Me and Gran use to nightly facebook lives together. Sorry for the overshare here but I instantly felt drawn to you when I spotted you mentioning the island of Ikaria. Loads of good vibes being sent to you and great to be in touch. Look forward to all your writings and lovely words and thanks so much for all you do for us in the Substack family! I'm Substacks biggest advocate here in Ireland, I tell everyone xxx

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I already love it here <3 happy new year!

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Confrontation and creativity - yes, they are compatible.


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Sophia, we have some people in common and a dear friend sent me to you. I'm a novelist, Auden lover, and have been writing about pleasure on substack since August 2022.

Roughly once a week I send out an essay, bit of dialogue, short story, theatrical scene, or other form of article related to pleasure. I cover everything from imperfect dinner parties to the delights of eavesdropping.


In the wake of the pandemic, I knew I needed pleasure, a roadmap for how to speak, eat, and be around other people again, ideally with some humor and grace. I figured others might need the same thing, and when readers tell me they think about pleasure actively and try to recreate small moments of delight in their lives, I just about burst with joy. xo

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I just read your piece on E. Jean Caroll and have to say I love your writing. Something for me to aspire to.

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Buon Anno from Roma! Thank you for these poems. They were just the nourishment I needed on my first real day of 2023. (Things move slowly here :)

I started my Substack almost a year ago (https://gillianlongworthmcguire.substack.com) and it has just been the very best thing. I no longer have to chase commissions to write about the places and people I want to share and I make some money.

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Hi Sophia. Happy new year 🎈

Thank you for being relentless in your endeavors. It truly inspired me. The poetry was beautiful and it was a lovely thing to share with my oldest daughter this morning. She fully supports my substack as well! Thank You 🙏


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Thanks for sharing these beautiful poems Sophia!

My name's Dhru and I founded a collaborative poetry app used by 2M people around the world. It joined forces with an mental health company last year.

I'm now building a newsletter/podcast about fiction, reality and the liminal space in between: litvisions.substack.com

For the next few months, I'll be publishing twice a week:

- News2Novel (novel suggestions based on news events) on tuesdays

- Essays, podcasts and speculative fiction on thursdays

Super excited to be on the Substack journey with you :)

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Thank you for the words, Sophia. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the invitation.

My fellow freshly birthed Substack is affectionately named interior necessity.


Wishing you beauty and love. And lots more poetry.

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Thanks for the poems.

I'm Jimmy Doom. I'm semi-famous in Detroit, more beloved than loathed as far as I can tell. I write Jimmy Doom's Roulette Weal https://jimmydoom.substack.com

The newsletter is daily short fiction, which I have been publishing since Aug 2020.

"Daily" seems to freak people out a bit -- it can't possibly be good at that pace , right?-- but I invite anyone to pick one of the 850+ at random and tell me what they think.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, though I play a lot of mean and mentally ill people in films so maybe my detractors are holding back.

Among the subscribers who seem to love my stuff are E.Jean Carroll and novelist Josh Malerman, author of Birdbox.

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Great point re: Ai, and this made me miss the city.

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